Adeptive Software’s ResWare enables users to connect to providers and clients in a secure environment

Adeptive Software’s ResWare enables users to connect to providers and clients in a secure environment
Be efficient, save money, protect data, deliver electronically but attended by a personal experience; these are the asks for today’s digital real estate transactions.

In 2003, when Adeptive Software started developing its title and escrow production platform ResWare, the goal was to automate repeatable tasks and create customizable workflows for a national real estate services company. Fast-forward 17 years and Adeptive continues its customer-first focus to provide the platform of choice for automation, innovation and efficiency.

ResWare enables customers to seamlessly connect to their providers and clients in a central environment to securely share the data and documents necessary to close transactions.

The power of ResWare enables customers, whether iBuyers or traditional title companies, to configure it based on their business needs, and then optimize and scale conditions. Today, more than one in four U.S. real estate transactions pass through ResWare, accounting for $500+ billion in value in 2018.

Users can automate all aspects of their business, create vendor profiles, rank and score vendors, and enable dynamic actions to kick off other tasks without manual intervention or prompting.

They can connect and transact with banks and service providers, accept orders directly into the platform, initiate electronic document signing, facilitate remote online notarization and much more.

“Having a well-designed workflow to keep the whole process consistent and moving along makes teams and service providers more productive. They appreciate the time savings and the efficiencies gained,” Adeptive Software president Bryan Buus said. “You can also monitor workflows, statuses, outcomes and audit trails, thus managing your business in real-time.”

In a third-party customer experience survey, respondents recorded an average of 72% uplift in productivity due to the available automation and process centralization in ResWare.

ResWare’s functionality and service provider integrations reduce human error, eliminate duplicate and manual data entry, and remove email and phone tag delays. Productivity ultimately increases, and thus minimizes the need to re-disclose or delay closings.

“Customers can serve their clients the way they want, do business the way they want, and route transactions and services the way they want thanks to the flexibility and power of ResWare,” said Terri Hanson, Adeptive’s vice president of account services.

With ResWare, title agencies can connect with customers throughout the real estate transaction, whether through the ResWare web portal or asking questions, such as file status, via text or web chat whenever they want.

ResWare enables customers to choose from multiple touchpoints for their clients to connect and stay informed about their transactions.

“As a leader in the automation of the title and escrow production process, we are working on understanding and automating based on semi-structured and unstructured data, especially those received digitally from other sources,” said Gorkem Kuterdem, senior vice president of strategy at Adeptive. “We look to provide greater value to our customers through our APIs and machine learning aided implementation of document routing, processing, and data extraction use cases.”

As industry collaboration accelerates for digital closings to be the norm, market leaders rely on ResWare as their tech foundation for innovation.

Bryan Buus, President and CTO

Bryan Buus is Adeptive’s president and visionary. Coming from a technical background, Buus and his team had a different approach to the business – to determine what customers really needed, build it, and support it with outstanding customer service. Seventeen years later, that approach remains, with Adeptive’s core values focused on doing the right thing, providing balance outside of work, and improving the lives of employees and customers’ employees.

Gorkem Kuterdem, Senior Vice President, Strategy

Gorkem Kuterdem is Adeptive Software’s senior vice president of strategy. In this role, he is responsible for the strategy and long-term sustainability of the company’s signature title and escrow platform, ResWare. With deep experience in application development and automation, Kuterdem embraces emerging technologies to help organizations advance and grow their businesses.

Terri Hanson, Vice President, Account Services

Terri Hanson joined Adeptive in 2011 and currently serves as vice president of account services. She loves the customer-facing side of the business and will do what is needed to ensure customers are using ResWare to its fullest for their business success. Hanson brings more than 25 years of industry experience and has a passion for the technology side of the title and real estate industry.

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