California and New York cities top the list for largest apartments

California and New York cities top the list for largest apartments
Two states that are known for a pricey housing market have this to offer: some of the largest studio and one-bedroom apartments in the nation. Of course, that too, comes at a price. 

According to a recent study by, four of the top five cities with the largest studio apartments are located in California. Not to be outdone by the West Coast, the state of New York is home to the largest average one-bedroom apartments, and two of its cities appear in the top five. 

For studio apartments, Hollywood, California topped the list, with its largest units averaging 723 square feet. However, spacious studio dwellers are paying the price: rent for a studio that size was just over $3,000 at the time of the study.

Next on the list were Irvine, California (674 square feet); Houston, Texas (626 square feet); Long Beach, California (618 square feet); and San Jose, California (608 square feet). 

It’s worth noting that out of the top five cities listed above, the only one with prices below $2,000 was Houston. For a studio sized at 626 square feet, the rent was $1,154 – over $1,000 less than any of the top five. 

Topping the list for single bedroom units, Lancaster, New York’s average square footage per unit came in at 981 for $1,219. The second-largest units come at a much higher price: In Playa Vista, California, a 925 square feet unit will have renters shelling out $4,232. 

Also in the top five were Schenectady, New York (919 square feet); Hollywood, California (907 square feet); and Pikeville, Maryland (896 square feet). 

As for the homes of the largest two-bedroom apartments, California and New York cities did not break into the top three. Two-bedroom apartments in Sheffield Village, Ohio averaged 1,530 square feet for only $1,612. Next on the list was Delran, New Jersey (1,518 square feet) and Brownsburg, Indiana (1,337 square feet). 

New York finally makes a showing in the No. 4 spot on the list, with Melville, New York two-bedroom units averaging 1,329 square feet. This is the first city on the list in which the rent tops $1,700, with the cost of the units soaring to $3,555. 

Pikesville, Maryland also shows up again at No. 5, with an average two-bedroom unit size of 1,323 square feet. 
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