Clear Capital’s loan servicing solution helps servicers evaluate and mitigate risk

Clear Capital’s loan servicing solution helps servicers evaluate and mitigate risk
Mortgage servicers are staying busy. Whether they’re working with borrowers on forbearance plans or helping them refinance their homes, servicers are handling incredibly high call volumes. And during these hectic times, they could benefit from a solution that manages their portfolio to ensure they’re making well-informed decisions. 

Clear Capital’s suite of field valuations, real estate analytics, and platform technology solutions help servicers prevent fraud, check the accuracy of completed appraisals and broker price opinions (BPOs), conduct portfolio valuation analysis and updates, and help with disposition analysis on distressed loans. Most of all, they help servicers evaluate and mitigate the risk of investments in a timely manner.

“Leveraging our own real estate data and analytics to amplify our broker- and appraisal-based valuation services, Clear Capital delivers highly-accurate information with rapid turn-times and a robust quality control process,” said Kenon Chen, EVP of corporate strategy. “Our solutions are highly-compliant and follow the most stringent guidelines and valuation requirements.”

Cost, time, and compliance are three of the major roadblocks faced by lenders. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, some servicers struggled to streamline the loan processes — especially when dealing with properties with higher valuation fees, operational costs, and longer loan processing times. Not to mention, it can be difficult for servicers to identify collateral that needs a more in-depth look at the start of the loan process, which can lead to additional obstacles. Clear Capital’s Complexity Score technology can help servicers determine the robustness of the valuation product needed for each property, ensuring that risk is mitigated while maintaining lower costs and time-efficiency.

By paying close attention to what they really need, Clear Capital ensures customers get the best valuation products without overpaying. The company recently launched ClearLabs, an in-house research and development group that works alongside industry leaders and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) to continually build on what’s possible in compliant real estate valuation and analytics. 

ClearLabs has brought innovative solutions to the market, including OwnerInsight, a first-to-market homeowner-enabled appraisal inspection tool, available free to all lenders, appraisers, and AMCs. The department also unveiled its Modern Appraisal Program, which provides servicers turnkey access to the industry’s emerging bifurcation initiatives for origination loans. 

“Our company goes wherever it leads and does whatever it takes to serve our customers,” said CEO Duane Andrews. “We use analytics and technology to solve the challenge of having the right valuation product, at the right time, every time — ensuring our customers get some of the best valuation services in the industry.”

With an in-house team of more than 700 members across the country, Clear Capital was able to roll out several platforms to help mortgage servicers make confident lending decisions that save time and money.

“Our 20 years of valuation expertise, innovative research and development through ClearLabs, and dedication to offering the best customer service set Clear Capital apart from others in the industry,” said Jeff Allen, EVP of innovation labs.

Duane Andrews, CEO

As CEO of Clear Capital, Duane works alongside more than 700 dedicated “nice people” to provide valuable services for nearly all of the top 100 U.S. lenders and nearly every mortgage investor, including the GSEs.

Kenon Chen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

As head of corporate strategy, Kenon sits at the intersection of our executive, product, marketing, and sales teams. Since the beginning of Clear Capital, Kenon has developed and launched some of our most forward-looking solutions, including ClearProp and ClearCollateral®.

Jeff Allen, Executive Vice President, Innovation Labs

Leading ClearLabs Clear Capital’s in-house innovation lab, Jeff heads projects focused on advancing the collateral valuation industry into the future, including research and development projects focused on emerging technologies, market research, and early-stage product incubation.

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