CoreLogic’s Title and Closing Solution moves title professionals into a systemized process flow for increased efficiency

CoreLogic’s Title and Closing Solution moves title professionals into a systemized process flow for increased efficiency
The title industry currently faces frustrating communication challenges. Agents often have to receive and communicate orders from lender partners through a combination of emails, phone calls, faxes and even traditional mail. It’s difficult to transmit documents securely, and vendors want a standard, systematic way to receive orders from lenders.

The CoreLogic Title and Closing Solution eases these pain points for lenders and settlement providers by syncing order acceptance and management while securing vendor communication and document transfer.

The encompassing solution supports retail origination, home equity and default servicing lending channels. These benefits culminate in an improved borrower experience and peace of mind during the home ownership experience, regardless of the lending channel.

The Title and Closing Solution replaces the outdated and unorganized methods of receiving and communicating on title and closing orders by moving title professionals into a systemized process flow.

As a result, the Solution establishes a convenient connection with their lender partners and facilitates secure communication and document transmission, helping to keep orders moving forward more effectively. And because these features are incorporated within the application, the potential risk of wire fraud is reduced over traditional practices.

Automating and standardizing communication and secure document transmission means both parties can gain efficiencies in their workflow. More organized workflows allow for the automation of many tasks in the underwriting process and free up resources to focus attention on more important tasks that require human interaction.

The Title and Closing Solution also removes delays that existed in prior delivery channels, giving lenders more time to perform a full review for accuracy and increasing the likelihood of closing time guarantees.

In addition, by removing all the channels that are unmanageable in terms of data security, the Solution allows for controls to be put in place to protect the borrower’s non-public personal information (NPPI) data.

Through the Title and Closing Solution, lenders can automate vendor selection and allocation, and may also consolidate vendor onboarding and management within a single application.

The Solution provides all tools necessary for title and settlement agents to accept and manage title orders, improve communication and more easily adopt information security practices.

The expanding settlement agent network at CoreLogic encompasses the most prominent names in the industry, allowing lenders to assign orders – at a local, regional and national level – directly to title companies, escrow agents, attorneys and settlement providers.

Users of the CoreLogic Title and Closing Solution appreciate that it allows them to handle their orders and transactions in a consistent, systematic way, even across multiple lenders.

CoreLogic is committed to pioneering tech-focused advancements in the mortgage and underwriting process, and its Title and Closing Solution is part of its efforts to build an end-to-end workflow process within the industry. The Solution is also a critical piece of the AutomatIQ Collateral vision of bringing all necessary collateral solutions used by lenders into a more fluid, automated workflow.

Vicki Chenault, Executive of Collateral Valuation Services

Vicki Chenault transitioned into her current role at CoreLogic after leading enterprise-wide strategy and transformation initiatives, including advancing the roadmap for The Columbia Institute. Chenault previously served as executive, escrow services for CoreLogic. Chenault joined the company in 1997 and has more than 30 years of mortgage industry experience.

Sage Nichols, Executive of Client and Business Development

Sage Nichols is responsible for generating organic revenue growth through leadership of the collateral platform technology sales team at CoreLogic. Nichols has spent over 17 years in the mortgage industry in various roles including strategic alliances, account management, strategy and planning, and sales leadership.

Michael Marino, Principal, Industry Solutions

Michael Marino joined FNC in 2013 and led the growth of the valuation network from 40 integrated appraisal management companies to over 125. Since the FNC acquisition by CoreLogic in 2016, he continues to guide the CoreLogic expansion within the title and closing space. Prior to his time with FNC and CoreLogic, Marino worked with First Horizon, providing liquidity to non-depository lenders within the mortgage space, and has other industry experience within mortgage origination and closing services.

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