Discover Your Leadership Style

Discover Your Leadership Style
“Good management is both an art and a science …. It is tough, challenging and exhilarating.” — Sigmund G. Ginsburg
To be successful as leaders you must have passion, drive and commitment. In this era of unrelenting change, it is harder than ever for our overburdened managers to be passionate about their work. And yet, now more than ever, passion is what sets us apart from others. It’s our commitment to excellent customer service, our drive to build successful top 100 businesses, and most of all, our devoted leadership to promote effective employee engagement.
I began researching servant leadership in the early 1980s while managing several branch offices. I read Managing with Passion; Making the Most of your Job and Your Life by Sigmund G. Ginsburg, and incorporated his recommendations into my personal leadership style. I must say, it changed my life and certainly the direction of my leadership. Ginsburg’s inspiration poised me for position of great power and influence, as well as creating a heart devoted to passionate service to others—including both my staff and our customers.
In today’s brave new world, full of business and social change, we must recognize that as empowered managers, we have the power to serve and lead. Robert Greenleaf, who coined the term servant leadership, believes “Good leaders must first become good servants.” He proposed that the best key tools for a servant-leader include listening, persuasion, using your intuition and foresight, good communication skills and pragmatic measurements.
Leaders committed to excellence understand the importance of successful motivation and good management.
“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” ― Max De Pree
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