#GoodDeeds: Post-closing Family Reunion and Birthday Party

#GoodDeeds: Post-closing Family Reunion and Birthday Party
A longtime employee of Surety Land Title in Mobile, Ala., recently experienced a heartwarming closing involving three siblings due to the COVID-19 crisis.
The siblings, all in their 70s, inherited some property from their parents and decided to finally sell it. While all three are locals and live close, they do not get the chance to see each other or spend time together often enough especially now during these times.
When the closing started, Surety Land Title employee Pam Hoven asked if they wanted to sit together at the closing able. The title company has long tables and chairs set up outside to help with a safe closing. One of the siblings replied, “No, I don’t know where they have been or who they have been around!” This caused some chuckles.
After each signed the documents, Hoven went into the office to make a closing packet and make copies for all the sellers and buyers. When she returned, the three siblings were all sitting at the closing table having a grand time catching up.
One turned to Hoven and asked, “If you don’t have anything else going on right now out here, and since we cannot go celebrate at a restaurant, and since it his birthday (pointing to a sibling), would you mind if we had a little party here at this table?”
Hoven told the group to make themselves at home.
The siblings went to their cars and brought out cupcakes, cheese straws and some bottles of Prosecco to celebrate in the parking lot closing table. They spent a good part of the afternoon having a little birthday party and reunion.
“They said that they will never forget that closing at Surety Land Title and the post-closing birthday party during the pandemic and we will never forget the memories they gave us,” said Charlie Gray, vice president at Surety Land Title. “Maybe there are some good things that come out of this trying time.”
Source: blog.alta.org