Here’s a look at the future of digital mortgage closings

Here’s a look at the future of digital mortgage closings


Snapdocs, a digital closing platform, recently announced that it is building Snapdocs eVault, a solution for the secure creation, storage and transfer of eNotes and other digital mortgage documents.  In advance of that announcement, HW+ Managing Editor Brena Nath had the opportunity to catch up with Snapdocs Founder and CEO Aaron King at MBA Annual to talk more about eVault and what digital mortgages could look like in three to five years.

“At Snapdocs, we are working backwards from a future where mortgage closings are perfect,” King said. “So we see technology as a means to an end. But really, we’re obsessed about the business cases of, ‘How do you ensure that a borrower has a perfect experience?’”

In pursuit of that experience, Snapdocs’ eVault will be directly connected into the Snapdocs Digital Closing Platform, expanding Snapdocs’ eVault integration suite to include a natively developed option.

“For the past couple of years, we’ve been ramping several of our many of our lender customers on technology,” he said. “In the process, we found that there are a lot of problems that haven’t yet been solved. So we decided to build some foundational evolve technology, thinking backwards from first principles backwards from what the industry needs today.”

As for the future of digital mortgage as a whole? King said the keyword is “connected” and encouraged lenders to reflect on what that means to them with regard to their digital lending processes. 

For more information about the Snapdocs eVault, you can contact Snapdocs here.
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