Neat Capital shrugs at criticism of vaxx discount

Neat Capital shrugs at criticism of vaxx discount

Luke Johnson won’t be accused of avoiding controversy to gin up business for his fintech mortgage lending shop, Neat Capital. You might say he’s actively courting it.

“In the financial services community, most companies are afraid of taking an active voice in any community health issue, or any issue of importance because it is politicized and we work in a highly regulated environment,” Johnson said in an interview Thursday with HousingWire.  “And we tend to say any noise is bad noise, even if it’s good for the community.”

Johnson’s company announced this week that it would offer a $500 discount to customers who show proof that they’ve been vaccinated.

About two-dozen mortgage loan originators wrote to HousingWire in response to the news. Many said they felt the company was out of bounds and should “stick to mortgage lending.” Some described the initiative as “disgusting,” “inappropriate,” “discriminatory,” “wrong,” and “un-American.”

Johnson is unfazed, and says that since the announcement was made, Neat’s phones have been ringing off the hook with new customers (as well as general members of the community who were supportive of the initiative).

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