Nexus Origination features a native mobile experience for originators and borrowers

Nexus Origination features a native mobile experience for originators and borrowers
The loan production process can be incredibly complex, as well as time-consuming. To improve production, SimpleNexus launched Nexus Origination — a solution that provides lenders with a robust mobile-first tool they can use anywhere to keep their pipeline progressing. 

Nexus Origination features a native mobile experience for both originators and borrowers to easily navigate the mortgage process while improving the efficiency of task completion and communication between parties. The platform’s mobile-first approach enables lenders to close more loans through on-the-go origination tools while also delivering the modern convenience that today’s consumers have come to expect.

“This mobile usability is a defining feature of SimpleNexus’ homeownership platform and empowers loan teams to collaborate effectively in a hyper-volume, decentralized working environment,” Cathleen Schreiner Gates, SimpleNexus CEO, said. 

With this solution, real estate agents gain loan status visibility, and borrowers enjoy a simple application process from their preferred device with single-login simplicity. Originators can even order credit, run pricing, send pre-approvals, sign disclosures, and execute closings all on the go with full integration with their loan origination system (LOS).

Nexus Origination features bi-directional data sync and automatic data push to a lender’s LOS for added time savings and information integrity. The integration enables lenders to preserve their current origination workflows with the added efficiency gains of mobile execution. 

“With its single login simplicity for borrowers, Nexus Origination streamlines the customer journey to homeownership with a modern point-of-sale experience,” said Ben Miller, co-founder of SimpleNexus.

After downloading the mobile app, borrowers can upload documents, eSign disclosures and closing documents, and check their status in real-time. This single-platform experience allows borrowers to conveniently navigate all aspects of the loan process with ease from their preferred device using a single login.

Nexus Origination also features collaborative tools for enhanced referral partnerships. Lenders can build lasting connections with other real estate professionals for a more collaborative and effective referral strategy. The solution keeps partners connected through the mobile app and automatically sends them loan milestone updates as their clients progress through the approval process.

“SimpleNexus provides a clear and detailed onboarding process for new clients, including documentation of key roles and contacts that will assist throughout the full implementation,” said Andria Lightfoot, chief customer officer of SimpleNexus.

The onboarding process involves straightforward, guided support through the customization, configuration, beta testing, and go-live phases. An assigned project manager assists clients through their implementation. Additionally, virtual training and onsite training provide additional resources for a smooth implementation experience.

Technology is evolving, and borrowers expect more. SimpleNexus is a homeownership platform that unites originators, borrowers and real estate agents for a seamless and collaborative journey from the point of thought all the way through to closing. It provides an ecosystem that helps lenders attract borrowers expecting a modern loan transaction. 

“As a lender’s business expands, SimpleNexus can keep up with their ever-changing needs by bringing together borrowers, partners, and loan originators in a single branded platform,” added Gates. “Nexus Origination delivers a personal, trusted home-buying experience for customers through a mobile-friendly solution.”

Cathleen Schreiner Gates, CEO

Cathleen Schreiner Gates has been driving accelerated growth at an early stage and global software-as-a-service (SaaS) organizations for 35 years. 

Ben Miller, Co-founder

As a co-founder at SimpleNexus, Ben Miller oversees ongoing business operations, including strategic partnerships, implementation management, and customer success functions.

Andria Lightfoot, Chief Customer Officer

Andria Lightfoot is a renowned mortgage technologist with experience leading mortgage operations, providing strategy for enterprise software solutions and implementing innovative change management solutions.

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