Reducing Bias is the Gold Standard for Appraisals

Reducing Bias is the Gold Standard for Appraisals
There are two significant issues in our industry right now — appraisal bias and origination volume. Both of these issues accelerate the importance of appraisal modernization. What is appraisal modernization? And how can it help with both of these topics? Join this session to hear how leading lenders are using the latest technology to help make an impact on fair housing, and close loans faster.

Watch the full session below. To go back to the full HousingWire Annual 2021 on-demand page, go here.


Kenon Chen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Clear CapitalRachel Robinson, Director, Collateral Policy and Product Development, Rocket MortgageSarah Wheeler, Editor in Chief, HousingWire

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