Simplify complex lending processes with powerful analytics

Simplify complex lending processes with powerful analytics
As a premier provider of innovative, high-performance software, data and analytics for mortgage and home equity lending and servicing, Black Knight is transforming the housing finance industry.

With highly advanced software solutions for originations, servicing and secondary marketing, Black Knight helps its clients drive financial growth, improve customer retention, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk. Unique, comprehensive market and loan data—augmented with proprietary analytics—is integrated with these solutions for clearer insights to optimize clients’ success.

Business Lines, Services and Products

Black Knight’s mission-critical solutions deliver business process automation, integrated workflow, artificial intelligence, digital innovation and more. By combining its extensive industry expertise with continuous investments in innovative, new capabilities, Black Knight is helping clients perform stronger in today’s highly competitive marketplace.


Black Knight’s advanced, high-performance loan origination technology, seamless automation, integration, fee service, extensive data and analytics are being leveraged to transform mortgage originations. At the core of our origination solutions is the Empower loan origination system, which supports both first mortgage and home equity products on one platform to help improve data integrity, reduce turn times and support regulations. Empower’s advanced process automation capabilities, data and pricing functionality and web-based APIs are integrated to create significant efficiencies and support for digital mortgage strategies.

Black Knight offers several advanced capabilities that integrate with loan origination systems, including Empower, to help lenders do more in less time, while reducing costs. These services include artificial intelligence, point of sale, loan officer capabilities, fee service, collaboration network, digital closings, PPE, compliance monitoring and actionable analytics. 


Black Knight is a proven mortgage industry leader in servicing technology. The comprehensive MSP servicing system supports all areas of loan servicing for both first mortgages and home equity products. Financial institutions rely on MSP to service approximately 36 million active loans in the U.S. Due to its comprehensive ability to scale, MSP makes it an ideal platform to service any size portfolio.

MSP includes an innovative, consumer-centric mobile solution that helps servicers deepen customer relationships and increase retention. This interactive tool gives customers the ability to review information about their loans and easily perform tasks, such as making loan payments. Also integrated with MSP are actionable analytics to help servicers identify portfolio opportunities, optimize department-level efficiency and support compliance requirements. The system also includes a comprehensive suite of property data and insight to identify risk and retention opportunities, as well as portfolio-monitoring analytics for high-quality benchmarking and analysis.

Black Knight’s innovative default solutions help simplify complex loan processing for loans in default. Capabilities include loss mitigation, bankruptcy, foreclosure, invoicing and claims. 

Secondary Marketing

Black Knight’s integrated suite of products and services for secondary marketing supports a broad client base, manages and automates core functions throughout the mortgage lending process, meets portfolio transparency needs, inspires investor confidence and more.

Industry-leading product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) functionality, paired with the broadest set of investor content, enables lenders to create and maintain an extremely competitive product offering, even supporting their own in-house portfolio products. Unique and highly granular functionalities automate aspects of the lock desk, such as lock requests, concessions, profile and product changes, relocks and lock extensions. Margin automation and itemized dynamic markups allow for maximum profitability. 

With advanced hedge analytics, risk management, loan trading and MSR valuation solutions available for lenders of all sizes, Black Knight is an industry leader for risk management. Services include live modeling, exclusive shock analysis and note-rate hedging tools, sophisticated pooling capabilities and True BESTX. The MSR valuation model includes the ability to integrate with third-party MSR valuation providers and brokers to bring their valuations and duration profiles directly to lenders daily for pricing, loan sales and hedging.Added Value to Clients

Black Knight’s integrated software, breadth of data and powerful analytics are transforming every aspect of the loan process. With Black Knight as a strategic partner, lenders and servicers gain an experienced, innovative ally to help drive them forward for exceptional results.
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