Sourcepoint’s title and settlement solutions increase business efficiency amid high call volumes

Sourcepoint’s title and settlement solutions increase business efficiency amid high call volumes
Lenders are currently dealing with incredibly high call volumes, which makes it difficult to ensure their clients are receiving the best customer service at the highest quality. Lenders need support during this hectic time to manage their portfolio and avoid any mistakes, especially when it comes to title insurance and settlement fees.

To reduce the likelihood of these issues, Sourcepoint, a business process management (BPM) company and national title agency, provides lenders a range of title and settlement solutions to increase business efficiency.

The company offers both automation and global sourcing solutions combined to create an offering that is highly cost-effective.

“We engineer solutions for our clients. One of the things we do exceedingly well is business process orchestration – we are able to orchestrate their business processes better digitally or with global sourcing solutions,” said Kenneth Marks, associate director of Title Services. “We deliver savings, capacity and great quality to our clients.”

Sourcepoint has a strong focus on compliance, which allows the company to provide a high level of assurance to their clients.

In addition, they strive to ensure quality, whether dealing with inline quality control or having centralized quality that supports their own work. Quality control is a key benefit for their consumers, regulators and the GSEs.

There are a number of ways Sourcepoint streamlines the mortgage process to avoid title insurance and settlement fees. One solution that specifically facilitates real estate transactions is the company’s newly launched proprietary Intelligent (Digital) Resource Management (IRM) tool. IRM uses an AI algorithm to optimize the utilization to complete inflow within a stipulated time.

The tool reviews and validates the completion of notary services for orders received in a client system.

Sourcepoint’s solutions help solve problems for their clients, which is how the company has become a trusted advisor to lenders.

“At the end of the day the solutions provided by Sourcepoint and its competitors are similar, but it all comes down to the people who are driving and executing our solutions,” said Melanie Cornelius, vice president of Strategic Accounts. “We have developed a mature approach to engagement – we take the time to listen, understand and create the best solution that fits our clients’ needs.”

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every team.

Instead, Sourcepoint helps lenders re-think how their businesses are organized and identify opportunities to further introduce automation into their businesses on the title agency side.

“This is just another reason our clients chose to work with Sourcepoint – an industry leader that is transforming the end–to–end mortgage life cycle,” said Roshan Sethi, head of Global Servicing Operations.

“Our clients like and appreciate that they have a partner who is evolving, thinking ahead and driving solutions back to them. With our industry ever-changing, we need to be a nimble and agile partner. Sourcepoint is powered by people, process and technology and we are making huge positive impacts on our clients’ operations.”

Roshan Sethi

Head of Global Servicing Operations

Roshan Sethi oversees the company’s global strategic outsourcing and servicing and title operations.

Melanie Cornelius

Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Melanie Cornelius is responsible for expand- ing relationships with industry-leading or- ganizations, including large banks and the GSEs.

Kenneth Marks

Associate Director, Title Services

Kenneth Marks leads the company’s Insured Title and Closing business, operating across three global centers.

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