Stavvy’s solution securely digitizes and automates every aspect of the real estate transaction process

Stavvy’s solution securely digitizes and automates every aspect of the real estate transaction process
Most digital solutions in the lending industry are designed to solve one problem and built for one audience in mind. This fragmentation makes it difficult for everyone involved in the lending process to communicate with each other effectively. Stavvy has the power to bring these disparate components together. 

Stavvy enables digital transformation by helping organizations navigate complex financial and legal transactions easily and safely, which allows organizations to put customer experience at the forefront. 

Stavvy was purpose-built for real estate transactions, with a focus on the holistic user experience. Instead of replacing workflows or expecting a change in user behavior to adapt to the platform, Stavvy integrates into the way users are already working and automates the entire process.

Stavvy’s solution securely digitizes every aspect of the process – not just replacing pen and paper with electronic documents and signatures, but rethinking the entire workflow. The end result is a best-in-class consumer experience and the creation of a truly digital asset that meets the needs of both up and downstream stakeholders. 

This full closing platform supports any sort of closing: a full RON, RIN, in-person or hybrid. 

Today, the platform integrates with Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology, and integrations with other LOS systems are in development. It can intake documents from multiple sources as well as handle signings and annotations. And since Stavvy is designed for the title agent workflow, closing agents can easily integrate the platform into the way they already work. 

“Our platform does a better job of facilitating compliance than competing products, and allows for easy communication with the lender and other parties throughout the transaction,” Chief Strategy Officer Shane Hartzler said. “There are also key integrations with LOS providers, document companies and title production software that remove additional steps.”

Some of the biggest roadblocks that obstruct most loan originations are trailing documents and spelling or paperwork errors. By using cross-check fillable fields and verifying that all requisite information is included, Stavvy drastically reduces the time spent on pre-and post-close quality control and time wasted updating incorrect documents. 

For lenders, Stavvy features full vendor title compliance. Even before a title order is placed, lenders can assess a title agent and make sure they have the required insurance, certification and more. Although Stavvy isn’t an LOS, it is built to integrate with all major LOS platforms. 

“The loan origination process today is fragmented, with disparate systems and a mix of paper and digital pieces that can be cumbersome to manage,” added Hartzler. “Our customers typically want to integrate those disparate pieces and realize material efficiencies as a result.”

Stavvy is built to serve financial institutions of all sizes, and scale as they grow. Because lenders and title companies are working on the same platform, there’s no learning curve for additional solutions or time spent syncing across different tools.


Shane Hartzler, Chief Strategy Officer, Stavvy

Shane Hartzler, the Chief Strategy Officer for Stavvy, helps guide Stavvy’s vision, working with lenders, title professionals and industry stakeholders to evaluate market needs and identify innovation opportunities to support companies making a digital transformation. 

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