Tavant’s FinXperience brings all parties in the lending process onto one collaboration platform

Tavant’s FinXperience brings all parties in the lending process onto one collaboration platform
The use of tech in the current mortgage application process is disjointed and siloed. Borrowers, loan officers and the corresponding processors and underwriters are often working on entirely different systems. Meanwhile, borrower’s real estate agents, brokers and financial advisers may not even have access to those systems, preventing them from supporting their clients through what is typically the largest financial transaction of their lifetime.

With FinXperience, Tavant aims to bring all parties together on one collaboration platform and provide hyper-personalized digital journeys to borrowers, loan officers, brokers, real estate agents, financial advisers and other participants in the lending ecosystem.

FinXperience provides one universal platform that seamlessly allows all parties and stakeholders in the application intake, processing, underwriting and decisioning of a loan to actively participate and collaborate in the transaction. The platform is loan origination system-agnostic and is able to “surround and extend” loan origination systems to provide a more efficient lending experience.

As a white-label solution, the FinXperience platform is highly customizable and configurable, with the ability to align with a lender’s specific branding and marketing differentiators and customer segmentation. The platform’s features, functionality and volume-handling capabilities are scalable with the lender’s growth in the market.

“Most of our competitors have offerings that coerce the lender to follow a pre-determined and inflexible customer journey since their architectures provide for limited flexibility on the user experience front,” Chief Revenue Officer Hassan Rashid said. “The flexibility of FinXperience allows lenders to create an extremely differentiated experience from other lenders, as well as a hyper-personalized experience across their customer segments. There are no cookie cutters here.”

FinXperience integrates through a bi-directional framework with its surrounding systems, including CRM platforms, pricing engines, document management systems and LOS. This integration allows all participants in the process to interact with and access loan data in a true, real-time manner.

“Tavant’s user journey and persona mapping for every party within the mortgage transaction leads to an optimal workspace for each user,” said Mohammad Rashid, head of Fintech Practice. “The UX is friendly and intuitive, providing the most productive and efficient interaction coupled with bi-directional real-time data directly from the LOS based on security and data access rights.”

FinXperience leverages Tavant’s FinConnect product, a leading mortgage services and data integration platform. FinConnect includes one-hop integrations to all third parties required to manufacture a loan as well as coordinate among multiple enterprise systems, including pricing engines, LOS and document management systems.

FinConnect provides more than 130 connectors, including Day 1 Certainty vendors, verification of asset, verification of income, verification of employment, credit report, agency automated underwriting systems, mortgage insurance and fees services. This allows FinXperience to dynamically bring together a true end-to-end digital experience for each actor in the mortgage process.

“Our alignment with digital transformation strategies across the home loan journey and our injection of AI/ML techniques along the way reduces the cost of originating mortgages through scaled automation opportunities at every junction,” Rashid said.


Hassan Rashid, Chief Revenue Officer

Rashid steers Tavant’s strategy for continued profitable revenue growth, supported by a fully aligned business development engine.

Mohammad Rashid, Head of Fintech Practice

Rashid is responsible for driving innovation, strategy, offerings and revenue of Tavant’s market-leading fintech business.

Abhinav Asthana, Head of Products and Innovation

Asthana is responsible for the overall innovation, go-to-market and product management strategies for Tavant VΞLOX.

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