Tech paired with human connection: A mortgage broker’s recipe for success

Tech paired with human connection: A mortgage broker’s recipe for success
When Brad Lawson and Fernando Escaffi founded Charlotte-based PrimeLine Capital in January 2019, they wanted their operation to be all about having fun. Their leadership style is based on treating broker team members like family and ensuring that everyone can have fun and bring their full selves into the office.

This philosophy, not being driven by numbers and money but more about personal connections, has led to immense success. In fact, PrimeLine Capital, in just two short years, has gone from a startup to one of Rocket Pro TPO’s top 10 broker partners.

“We get our fulfillment not from the numbers but from watching our people develop and grow,” said Lawson. “Everyone here is unique, likes to show that side to our clients and wants the people who work with us to see that and view us as a friend. The last thing we want to be seen as is a stuffy broker.”

This operating style has resonated with the leaders at Rocket Pro TPO, who said they are impressed with the growth PrimeLine Capital was able to generate in such a short span of time.

“This team knows what they are doing,” said Mike Fawaz, Senior Vice President at Rocket Pro TPO. “Brad and Fernando have created a business that makes sure their people are set up to win inside and outside their business. That is the kind of broker we like working with – a team that succeeds by focusing on the human aspects of their operation, so everyone brings their full and most productive selves to the office. PrimeLine Capital is a glowing example of how this is a winning formula.”

Part of this success-filled ecosystem is PrimeLine Capital’s use of Rocket Pro TPO technology. The broker leverages tools, like the newly redesigned pricing calculator, to increase the speed of the game throughout their business and relay information with incredible certainty. Determining a client’s rates and monthly payments used to be such an arduous task but, thanks to the tool, PrimeLine has seen the time it takes significantly decrease in the last few weeks.

“One of the best things about being a broker is leveraging the beautiful pieces of technology built by multi-billion-dollar companies like Rocket Pro TPO,” said Escaffi. “We are able to take advantage of those resources by providing them to our loan officers so they can be more competitive, run their day efficiently and be insanely fast when pricing out loans. Even though we are a small business, being able to leverage this technology allows us to focus on what we do best, which is educating our clients and providing exceptional service. Mortgages can be scary to consumers so the better equipped our LOs are, the easier it is to create certainty for homeowners.”

Rocket Pro TPO’s pricing calculator is one of the mortgage industry’s most elite price-related tools. It enables brokers, all with only a simple soft credit pull, to generate a diverse range of pricing scenarios, compare rates on different products and present all this information to clients in a clean and easy-to-read format. Because Rocket Pro TPO is able to create a robust pricing report by only verifying income, assets and a few other details, its broker partners can quickly price out loans – which has proven to be a major benefit in today’s red hot housing market.
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