The First 100 Days

The First 100 Days
I have always had what I thought was a pretty good understanding of the real estate and mortgage industry. Growing up I was that kid who begged his parents for the real estate section from our local newspaper on the weekends and even wanted to be an architect before I realized how much math it took (and trust me if anything I learned in my accounting class from college it was that I do not like math). I always knew I would end up in real estate but was never sure exactly what I would end up doing. After a myriad of jobs in many different industries I stumbled across an ad for a job with a Keller Williams team at an office outside of Washington, DC. Well, after 5 years with that team as the Director of Operations I thought I had dealt with every situation ranging from appraisal disputes, title insurance questions, and most recently a market with incredibly low inventory and more buyers than we could handle due to the record low interest rates. Oh boy was I wrong… Not necessarily wrong, but after joining HW Media just a few weeks ago as the sales marketing manager I realized that the residential real estate side was only one one part of the industry.

Our readership at HW Media covers a wide audience that spreads across the housing ecosystem to lending, technology, closing, appraisal/valuations. My eyes were opened to a whole new level of the mortgage industry and real estate related technology platforms! From the residential side of things that I am used to when you are buying a home you aren’t really told how you actually get your loan. The home buying process is made to seem easy and not daunting, something that anyone could do (with the right credit score and enough money for a downpayment, of course). But what I soon realized is that we rarely went into detail about primary and secondary markets, loan servicing, conforming vs nonconforming loans, emergence of new technologies, and the different types of loan originators. And there are so many options for buyers out there!

I soon realized that HW Media is not just HousingWire… It includes Finledger, Reverse Mortgage Daily, and Real Trends. The largest majority of HousingWire’s audience are those in the mortgage and real estate industry who want the best of the best information from a unbiased standpoint about not only the real estate market, but also lending, secondaries and mortgage backed securities, mortgage servicing rights, new and unique tech companies and, of course, the changes in our economic markets and regulations.

By providing readers within the community key facts and data driven journalism they are able to understand the market at a much higher level and get access to information and news that are key to buying/selling a home. HousingWire has created a community for leaders and key decision makers to stay informed on all things housing in this ever evolving industry, who are then able to communicate and better connect with their own customers. Through HousingWire’s agile approach with their newsletters, website, podcasts, webinars, technology demonstrations, and magazine they have become a leading national publication and are the go to destination for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge.

Thank you for your time reading this, and I would love to connect and meet as many people as I can in this dynamic industry. Feel free to email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

-Tod Mohney
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