The title insurance arms race heats up

The title insurance arms race heats up

The first time Lawyers Title of Arizona Sales Executive Sarah Perkins walked through an acquisition was 2006. The market was growing; it was exciting; companies were fighting to increase market share; hope for the future was high. 

But that wasn’t the only acquisition Perkins had seen during her 17-year career. During her second acquisition in 2008, the story was much different. “The sky was falling,” Perkins said, describing the environment of fear as companies were acquired, layoffs were rampant and bankruptcies were common. “There was a lot more fear involved than excitement,” she said. 

But today, the market has come full circle as mergers and acquisitions once again begin to pick up. Perkins said the environment is reminiscent of 2006, when spirits were high and the market was in growth mode. In fact, the feeding frenzy for title companies is just getting started.

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