The title insurance industry has a talent problem

The title insurance industry has a talent problem

Shannon Foglia Brandy was pretty certain she wanted a career in public relations, but after a summer internship before her senior year at Bryant University, she began considering a career in the field of title insurance.

“I was looking to come home and do an internship over the summer, and nothing was really sparking my interest,” the New Hampshire native explained. “My mom, who is an LO, wrote to a friend who had just started her own title company about a year prior and found out that they were looking for interns for the summer. So, I kind of begrudgingly took the interview. I had absolutely no idea what title or title insurance was, but I liked them and the environment and what they were building, so I ended up taking the internship.”

Foglia Brandy has officially been with Cohen Closing and Title for five years now and is currently working as a closing agent and the director of business development.

“I lead a team of closing agents and marketers and work with them to help grow the business and expand into different areas,” Foglia Brandy said. “I get to explore all sorts of new software and technologies that make our jobs easier and more effective.”

While Foglia Brandy acknowledges her work in the title industry is not exactly what she had in mind for her career when she was in university, she does see some parallels between her former dream job in PR and what she does at Cohen.

“I definitely work every day at maintaining a good reputation for the company and the industry as a whole, and I do a lot of written communication,” Foglia Brandy explained. “I really do love what I do.”

But as a woman in her mid-20s, Foglia Brandy is something of an anomaly in the title insurance industry. As of 2014 the average age of title insurance agents and brokers was around 60 years old, and the situation has not really improved. Finding ways to attract and hire the next generation of mortgage and title industry professionals has been plaguing firms for years.

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