Vermillion Consulting CEO on how to lead during COVID-19

Vermillion Consulting CEO on how to lead during COVID-19
This HousingWire Daily interview transcription features a crossover episode from HousingWire’s Housing News podcast. In this episode, Vermillion Consulting’s Dale Vermillion discusses how mortgage lenders can best adjust their businesses during periods of growth and how they can also support their staff during tumultuous times.

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Below is the transcription of the interview. These transcriptions, powered by Speechpad, have been lightly edited and may contain small errors from reproduction:

Sarah Wheeler: Hi, I’m Sarah Wheeler, the host of the “Housing News” podcast. And today, we’re talking with Dave Vermillion, the CEO of Vermillion Consulting about very practical leadership skills for mortgage companies. Dale has decades of experience in mortgage coaching, and he is bringing some great tips for leading during this high-volume, high-stress time in our business. Thanks for listening.

Alcynna Lloyd: Hey, “Housing News” listeners, this is Alcynna Lloyd, and I’m the producer of this weekly podcast, which is a proud member of the Industry Syndicate. You just heard from our host Sarah Wheeler. But before we dive into today’s episode, here’s a quick word from our sponsor.

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Alcynna Lloyd: Thank you for listening. And here’s Episode 4 of Season 5 of the “Housing News” podcast.

Sarah Wheeler: Welcome to the Housing News podcast. I’m Sarah Wheeler, editor-in-chief at HousingWire. And my guest today is Dale Vermillion, who is the president and CEO of Vermillion Consulting, which is provided proven, practical and industry specific training to more than a million mortgage professionals. And it’s also improved production process and profits for more than 300 lenders across the country. Dale Vermillion is an in-demand guest and speaker. And we are thrilled to have him on “Housing News.” Dale, welcome.

Dale Vermillion: Sarah, it’s so great to be with you. Thank you so much. What an honor.

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