What’s Your Residential Number?

What’s Your Residential Number?
We all see numbers every day, but do we ever look at the numbers that affect our business?
What if we used the numbers that are out there in the many areas of the title and real estate industry?
Looking at the big picture, also looking down the road to how this will affect our businesses. Are changes coming?
First, let’s look at the macro (global numbers). What are the economists looking at? One piece of information comes from Graphs and Laughs by Dr. Elliot Eisenberg–one of my lender partners was ever so kind to share. Then let’s look at the micro (or regional numbers) provided by the National Association of Realtors. How do they compare to the macro?
Okay, now here comes the fun part of looking at the economics of the title industry. Let’s go to mini micro (your local numbers). In conversing with our Realtor and lender partners, we can understand what our local markets are doing and how to plan for our businesses accordingly.
Val Kircher, vice president at Consumer Title and Escrow in Lincoln, Neb., will speak more in depth about this topic during at ALTA ONE. Click here to register.
Source: blog.alta.org