Where are Our Future Leaders?

Where are Our Future Leaders?
By Frank Pellegrini
Leadership is not a matter of one’s I.Q., academic degrees or a prestigious alma mater. It has nothing to do with an imposing physique or deep, well-resonated voice. Heredity, good luck or being in the right place at the right time don’t factor in at all.
Leadership does not demand unquestioned loyalty. True leaders are followed by others enthusiastically; without threats, fears or insistence. Those led seek to follow true leaders because they want to, not because they are compelled to.
Leadership is not to be confused with triumph or success. Leaders have to face defeat; but, true leaders are never paralyzed by the prospect of failure.
Most importantly, leadership grows from trust. A true leader earns and nurtures the trust of those led.
True leadership is hard to describe, but never mistaken. It is forged from deep conviction in one’s values, unwavering ethos, sincere empathy for those led, honesty, and clear communication. Leadership, in its purest sense, cannot be given or bestowed; nor can it ever be taken or assumed. Leadership is honed and perfected through faithful adherence to certain essential, irrefutable and deep-seated principals.
Great leaders are entrepreneurial. They are excellent communicators. They are creative, empathetic, inquisitive, confident, inspirational, authentic and worthy of trust.
Did you know that the average age of the U.S. workforce is 42, but the average age of workers in our industry is nearly 46 years old? What will happen when it’s time for you to retire?
Frank Pellegrini, president of Prairie Title Services Inc., will explore how to identify and develop the future leaders of our organizations during the session “Finding Your Company’s Future Leaders” during ALTA ONE. The discussion will focus on the attributes of great leaders and how those skills, qualities and characteristics are deployed to establish and maintain an environment of trust, mutual respect and collective development. Come ready to discuss how to set your company up for future success by recognizing and fostering your future leaders. Click here to register.
Source: blog.alta.org