Why It’s Time for Foreclosure Tech Innovation

Why It’s Time for Foreclosure Tech Innovation


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Collateral valuation is a critical component of mortgage lending and the home sales

With the federal foreclosure moratorium expiring in 2022, the market will undoubtedly see growth in foreclosure transactions as it tries to catch up on both past and present loans. The return to working foreclosure is a perfect opportunity for those in the industry, whether on the servicing or legal side, to examine ways to improve efficiencies, stay compliant and keep up with demand. 

Join Stavvy Director of Product Matt Sluggett, Stavvy Head of Legal and Capital Markets Jeremy Potter and Sasha Cohen, first vice president and corporate counsel of Default Administration at Community Loan Servicing, to learn what technologies exist to assist those processing foreclosures. 

And while the panelists will explain the existing tech landscape, they’ll also explain why fintech has been so slow in addressing the foreclosure market – and why it needs to step hard on its accelerator in order to meet market demand for a better way of doing business.


Jeremy PotterHead of Legal and Capital Markets,Stavvy

Sasha M. CohenFirst Vice President and Corporate Counsel, Default Administration,Community Loan Servicing

Matt SluggettDirector of Product,Stavvy

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