With the Origence Mortgage Platform, lenders can adapt their lending experience to meet borrowers’ needs

With the Origence Mortgage Platform, lenders can adapt their lending experience to meet borrowers’ needs
Technology has made many aspects of day-to-day life more seamless than ever, with instant, easy and personalized consumer experiences; however, lending is still difficult. Lenders who want to move away from a frustrating, one-size-fits-all approach to origination need a modern solution that helps streamline processes while maintaining compliance.

The Origence Mortgage Platform is an end-to-end lending platform that puts the power of modern technology in lenders’ hands, enabling them to close more loans, faster. In return, borrowers have a lending experience that is streamlined and more personalized.

Origence designed its platform with the ability to continually transform and stand the test of time. The Origence Mortgage Platform is not bolted onto existing technology; as a result, it works as an extensible platform that lenders can configure to their organization’s lending practices, automating the steps that make sense for their teams.

The platform automates the mortgage process, providing lending teams with simple configurations that align with their business goals and improve origination speed, efficiency and quality. Origence’s breakthroughs in automation of workplans, document processing, compliance and other time-consuming tasks help eliminate manual processes and streamline workloads.

The flexible, scalable technology of the Origence Mortgage Platform allows lenders to expand, customize and adapt their lending experience to their borrowers’ needs. Loan officers can access high-priority information via its Sales Portal interface, which includes pipeline views and outstanding conditions.

Origence built its POS to provide borrowers with a modern mortgage experience from application to closing, with the goal of making the process of obtaining a loan as seamless, pain-free and simple as possible.

Borrowers submitting a mortgage application through their existing lending institution benefit from data prefill features to accelerate the submission process. For prospective and current customers, conditional questioning and third-party integrations allow borrowers to easily compare products and apply for a mortgage on the device of their choosing.

If borrowers have questions, the Origence platform includes real-time lender collaboration tools with quick answers to keep the process moving. And after the application is submitted, the secure portal streamlines communication with automatic task alerts, real-time status updates and document upload. Origence’s goal is to keep borrowers connected at every stage of the origination process.

Implementation struggles can often be a sticking point for LOS adoption – Origence works to avoid that with a process that is collaborative, efficient and thorough. Account managers and a specialized implementation team provide a personalized experience for each client and simple configurations optimize the process as well.

Once the client has gone live with the Origence Mortgage Platform, they’re seamlessly transitioned to the customer support team – all the while, the implementation group stays in contact to ensure things go smoothly. The goal is to minimize the traditional problems of LOS implementation.

“We believe modern lending starts with modern technology,” said Roger Hull, chief product officer at Origence. “From origination through delivery, Origence helps our customers close more loans, more efficiently than any other origination platform today.”


Roger Hull, Chief Product Officer

Hull oversees strategic planning and product development at Origence and has over 30 years of strategic leadership experience in the mortgage and technology industries.

Andrew Weiss, Vice Principal of Platform Strategy

Weiss has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage and consumer lending business.

Michael Farris, Vice President of Strategic Solutions

Farris is a seasoned industry veteran with experience in digital lending and process-driven sales solutions.

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