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We offer and coordinate a variety of residential and commercial real estate settlement services to provide real estate professionals and consumers with the keys to a successful closing.


Completing your residential real estate transaction has never been easier with our full service hands-on approach.


Whether you are a first time or seasoned homebuyer, we work to provide a trouble-free closing so you can get your keys and move forward!


We know what it takes to get you closed without unexpected surprises. We value our investor-clients and understand your unique needs.


Investors are busy and don’t like closing issues. We get that and work with your schedule to provide a quick and painless transaction.


Buying or selling commercial property? We know what it takes to make your project close on time with ease.


Commercial transactions require experienced and knowledgeable parties to get to closing. True North Title acts as your partner to meet your closing and financial goals.

First-time home buyer?

Can you believe it? You are about to buy a piece of the world! How cool is that?! True North Title is here to make your first home buying experience memorable.

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We are standing by, ready to help!

We are standing by, ready to help!

Easy. Fast. Professional.

At True North Title, we believe in being students of our trade and good stewards of our community.

We are the authority in real estate transactions. We innovate for the benefit of our customers.

Our customers trust us to do the right thing, the right way—before, during and after the transaction. We sweat the small stuff to assure that land transfer is accurate, swift and secure.

We protect the property rights of those we serve. We reduce risk so our customers have peace of mind.

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What is title insurance?2022-06-15T19:37:00+00:00

Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects your legal right to own, possess, use, control, and dispose of land.

Where can I get Title Insurance?2022-06-15T19:31:13+00:00

You can obtain title insurance from any licensed title insurance company or their agents. Oh, and by the way… we’re one!

How long does title insurance coverage last?2022-06-15T19:32:09+00:00

The lender’s policy of title insurance lasts until the mortgage is paid in full. An owner’s policy of title insurance lasts for as long as you or your heirs retain an interest in the property.

How much does title insurance coverage cost?2022-06-15T19:32:37+00:00

Title insurance charges vary in different parts of the country. However, you pay for an owner’s policy of title insurance only once; there are no monthly premiums.

Is title insurance as important as homeowner’s insurance?2022-06-15T19:33:28+00:00

Homeowner’s insurance typically provides protection for the dwelling and its contents. For instance, if a fire destroys your home, you can rebuild and buy new possessions. However, if the title to the land fails, you could lose the right to inhabit your home as well as the land it occupies.

Why do I need title insurance?2022-06-15T19:34:04+00:00

There are two main types of title insurance policies: a lender’s policy and an owner’s policy. A lender’s policy is typically required for a mortgage, it financially covers the amount of the loan and provides protection to the lender. An owner’s policy protects the landowner against a title loss, which ensures the value of the property. With owner’s title insurance, if a claim is made against the title, the underwriter must pay any and all costs associated with defense against the challenge. If unsuccessful in that defense, the underwriter reimburses the landowner for any reduction in the value of the land.

What is a title search?2022-06-15T19:34:56+00:00

A title search is a detailed examination of historical public records concerning a property. These records include deeds, court records, property and name indexes, and many other public documents.

Why is transferring a title to real estate different from transferring the title to other items such as a car?2022-06-15T19:36:30+00:00

Transferring a real estate title can be complicated because land is permanent and the usage of land and the rights to its use can change over the years.

“Tina did an outstanding job of keeping them well-informed throughout the entire transaction. She even took the time to meet with them early in the process to give them an overview of what to expect and when. What a great service to provide to new homeowners!”

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